Keep Loudoun Beautiful Area Leaders

Cleanup volunteers

Being a KLB area leader is a great way to get involved in your community and keep your neighborhood streets and open spaces free of litter. As a KLB area leader, these will be your main responsibilities:

  • To assist Keep Loudoun Beautiful (KLB) by coordinating the cleanup of locations in their responsible area
  • Monitor the roads and report any extremely littered areas and illegal dumps
  • Recruiting volunteers, overseeing clean up activities and reporting results using our online form
  • While needed throughout the year, a special emphasis on cleanup activities in Spring and Fall is encourage. 

Area Leaders are always needed and areas may have more than one leader. To find out more and/or become an area leader, please email us at

Our Promise to KLB Area Leaders

We are volunteers organizing volunteers to keep Loudoun and our planet beautiful. For almost 50 years, we have gotten the know-how of cleanups and will do our best to help you keeping your area clean and healthy for you, your family, and wildlife. We can also help you get volunteers in case you need them!

Every year, we organize an Area Leader’s luncheon in appreciation of all your hard work along the year.  We also provide (at NO COST FOR YOU) all supplies you will need for your cleanups. 

Becoming a KLB Area Leader is a very rewarding activity and a great opportunity to give back to your community and our beloved planet. We are waiting for you to join! If you have any question or comments, we would be happy to hear from you at:

KLB Area Leaders (AKA Our Hero Leaders :D)

We rely on volunteers to be vigilant all around the county. We are specially in need of volunteers covering new urbanized areas or areas without any volunteers. If taking care of our planet is a cause close to your heart, please don’t hesitate in joining us. Our planet has taken care of us for a long time…It’s time to return the favor!

  • Aldie:  Eboni Brown 
  • Aldie Village: Katie Johnson
  • Aldie – Willowsford – The Greens:
  • Aldie – Willowsford – The Grove:
  • Arcola:  Carrie-Anne Mosley
  • Ashburn – Ashburn Farm:  Mariella Calderon
  • Ashburn – Ashburn Village:  Brenda MacEoin
  • Ashburn – Brambleton:  Richard Stone 
  • Ashburn – Broadlands:  Diana Weber
  • Ashburn – Broadlands – High School:  Jaya Sharma
  • Ashburn – Goose Creek Village: 
  • Ashburn- 3 Loudoun schools- Jimmy Do 
  • Ashburn – Potomac Farms: Carol Barbe
  • Ashburn – Willowsford – The Grange:
  • Ashburn – Willowsford – The Grant:
  • Belmont:  Brian Pancia
  • Bloomfield:  Flora Hillman & Owen Snyder 
  • Bluemont:  Peter Weeks
  • Hamilton-North: Diane Blue
  • Hamilton- Waterford Creek- Heidi Bickart
  • Hillsboro:  Judy Klinedinst & Patric Copeland
  • Hillsboro Town:  Paul Hrebenak
  • Lansdowne-Potomac Station: Diana Connor  
  • Leesburg – Creighton Farms:  Griff Harrison
  • Leesburg – Evergreen Mills:  Randy Duncan
  • Leesburg – Historic Selma Estates:  Alicia Groncki
  • Leesburg – Red Rocks: Acadia Keyes
  • Leesburg – NW:
  • Leesburg – Old Waterford Road:  DeAnna Burke
  • Leesburg – SE – Heritage:  Chad T. Green
  • Leesburg – SW – Woodburn:  Darrell Haines and Erin Bartlett
  • Leesburg – Town:  Jennifer Chu
  • Leesburg – Red Cedar: Lauren White
  • Lenah:  
  • Lincoln:  Dave Testa
  • Lovettsville: Town– 
  • Lovettsville: Outside of town– Kim Sanborn
  • Lucketts – East:  Beth McClain
  • Lucketts – West:  Barbara Scott
  • Middleburg:  Rebecca Poston
  • Morrisonville:  Sandy Simmer 
  • Mt. Gilead:  Amy Orr 
  • Neersville:  
  • North Fork:  Jim Cross
  • Paeonian Springs:  Gus Kearney
  • Philomont:
  • Potomac Falls – Cascades:  Richard Woodrum
  • Potomac Falls – Countryside HOA:  Erin Gilmore
  • Potomac Falls – Lowes Island:  
  • Purcellville:  Matt Shaffer
  • Purcellville – Town:  Clay Grisius
  • Round Hill:  Dave Ferguson 
  • Silcott Springs:  Linda Treese 
  • South Riding – North:  Eboni Brown 
  • South Riding – South:  Carrie-Anne Mosley
  • Sterling – Broad Run Farms:  Mary Holsinger
  • Sterling – Cardinal Glen:  Matt and Debra Bressler
  • Sterling – Oak Grove:
  • Sterling – Richland Acres:
  • Sterling – River Crest:  Lily Egenrieder
  • Sterling – Seneca Ridge:
  • Sterling – Sterling Park:  Kevin Chroninger
  • Sterling – Sugarland Run:  Jimmy O’Connor
  • Taylorstown:  Tami Carlow
  • Unison:  Lucy Bernstein
  • Waterford:  Nick Ratcliffe 
  • Waterford – Waterford Heights/Browns Lane:  Liz Hohm
  • Willisville:  Flora Hillman & Owen Snyder
  • Willisville/Unison:  Jean Perin