Clean Up Report

Area Leader Report
(e.g., Sterling)
(e.g., Cascades)
List/describe road numbers/names, trails, waterways, parks, etc. that were cleaned.

Litter Collected

# of full bags collected. Add half/partial bags for full bag counts, or explain half/partial bags.
Paper, cardboard, glass/plastic/aluminum/tin containers.
Styrofoam and other litter that cannot be recycled.


Describe misc/big items that were recycled and were not accounted for above. Cardboard, electronics to e-cycle location, appliances to landfill, batteries and misc. metal to Potomac Metals.
Estimated in pounds.
Describe misc./big items collected that were not accounted for above.
Estimated in pounds.
Items taken home to extend its useful life (e.g., bucket, trash can, baseball, etc.)
Estimated in pounds.

Volunteer Info

How many volunteers participated in the cleanup event?
How many hours was the cleanup event?
Total number of volunteers multiplied by the number of hours worked.
Estimated number of roadside miles cleaned (both sides, and median if applicable). Also include estimated number of miles of trail and/or waterway cleaned.
Scout Troop #, School, etc.
Describe any AAH support (e.g., loaned pick-up sticks, vests, retrieved recycling, etc.) or special projects (e.g., collected cigarette butts for recycling) associated with this cleanup event.
Please note any difficulties with the clean-up, excessively littered areas, general observations (e.g., large amounts of cigarette butts), or comments/concerns you feel may be useful for KLB to note and possibly assist with for future cleanups. Any questions are always welcome and encouraged.
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