Clean Up Report

Area Leader Report
(e.g., Sterling)
(scouts, church group, etc.)
(cross road names/park/trail, etc.)

Litter Collected

# of full bags collected, or explain half/partial bags. Please consolidate all bags to use as few as possible. Fill to the point of just being able to tie closed.
Fairly clean plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, glass/plastic/aluminum/tin containers.
Styrofoam and other litter that cannot be recycled or it's too dirty to be recycled
Describe misc/big items that were recycled and were not accounted for above: Electronics to e-cycle location, appliances, batteries and misc. metal to Potomac Metals, etc.
(This is for large items that will not fit into a bag like old pools, siding, slides, etc. )
Items taken home to extend its useful life (e.g., bucket, trash can, baseball, etc.)

Volunteer Info

How many volunteers participated in the cleanup event?
If you had 5 people work 2 hours the total hours would be 10.
Estimated number of roadside miles cleaned (both sides, and median if applicable). Also include estimated number of miles of trail and/or waterway cleaned.
Any difficulties or comments you feel may be useful for future cleanups.

Maximum file size: 10MB