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We believe in the shared responsibility to build and maintain clean, green, healthy and beautiful spaces for our families and generations to come. This is why we do what we do, and why we invite committed people like you to participate in our activities and support our programs. GET INVOLVED or DONATE here!

Our Mission

KLB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy environment for Loudoun families, businesses, and wildlife through educational outreach, litter prevention, and cleanups.  Our efforts include:

  • Encouraging and educating citizens to keep Loudoun beautiful
  • Promoting public awareness of environmental challenges and common-sense solutions, like Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling
  • Improving county trash disposal and eliminating illegal dumping

About KLB…


Help us celebrate our 50 year anniversary!

We are funded only through private donations.  
That money goes to fund cleanup supplies (safety vests, bags, gloves, pickup sticks), as well as to fund canoe rentals and hazardous waste dump fees for our two annual water cleanup events. In addition to program fees, we invest money on educational programs administered in our county schools and more.

Since 1972, Keep Loudoun Beautiful (KLB) has served Loudoun County through litter removal, education, environmental advocacy, and beautification efforts. Our organization was born out of citizens frustrations for the lack of accountability our local government displayed toward littered streets and parks. These tensions led to the KLB founding members depositing litter collected onto the floor at a Board of Supervisors meeting.  Since that impactful day 50 years ago, over ten thousand citizen volunteers have taken to the streets to clean our community with the help of Keep Loudoun Beautiful. KLB monitors illegal dumping, plants trees with other community associations, established a KLB park out of a generous donation from the County, sponsors artwork from the county’s youth for prizes and public display in the circuit court, keeps rivers and streams clean through canoe and watershed cleanups, all with the aid of our diverse volunteer groups and annual outreach programs within the Loudoun community.

Even with all these accomplishments,  litter still persists as a significant issue in the county. Within the last 50 years, many farms have been replaced by subdivisions, and the population has grown from under 40,000 to well over 400,000.  Growth and increased population density has resulted in more trash being generated and ultimately ending up in the gutter, the storm drain, and Loudoun waterways.

Despite this reality,  we continue to look forward to the next 50 years with optimism.  KLB has a new generation of student leaders helping to update our programs.  In 2021, we launched our first video contest for high school aged students, replacing our 18 years of elementary school poster and essay contests.  With new communities in the county, we have new areas and new area leaders joining KLB to help continue and grow our efforts.  We invite you to get involved by joining a committee, becoming an area leader for your neighborhood, donating to our efforts, and always choosing to live sustainably.  With your help and commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we know we can Keep Loudoun Beautiful for the next 50 years and beyond.

To donate you can send a check or click on the green donate button.

Please make checks payable to: Keep Loudoun Beautiful

Keep Loudoun Beautiful
P.O. Box 5
Leesburg VA 20178

Supporter levels:

  1. Helping Loudoun level $50: It helps to buy 3 grabber sticks
  2. Helping the Planet level $100: It helps to buy 7 grabber sticks
  3. Making a difference level $250: It helps to buy 7 grabber sticks and 6 packages of 50 orange/blue bags (30 gallon/heavy duty)
  4. Inspiring others level $500: It helps to buy 7 grabber sticks and 6 packages of 50 orange/blue bags (30 gallon/heavy duty) and 1 cash prize for environmental projects at the Loudoun Science Fair
  5. Saving the world level $1,000: It helps to buy 7 grabber sticks and 6 packages of 50 orange/blue bags (30 gallon/heavy duty) 2 cash prizes for environmental projects at the Loudoun Science Fair and part of the costs for our Canoe cleanup events

Thank you for your support! 

Green Tips for everyday life

Loudoun County’s beauty is not simply in the eye of the beholder…It’s in our hands as well. Here you will find simple ideas you can adopt that will help you to reduce your ecological footprint everyday. Learn more…