Adopt A Spot

As part of our ongoing litter removal mission, Keep Loudoun Beautiful (KLB) introduces our Adopt-a-Spot Program. We are asking for volunteers (individuals and shared housing groups) to commit to beautifying Loudoun by adopting a spot, block, pathway, park, road, parking lot, creek, or any publicly accessible area through the rest of the year.

Although picking up litter does not sound fun, adopting a spot is an extremely rewarding volunteer activity that you can participate while enjoying safe social-distancing walks or hikes.  Not only will you feel good, but research has shown that “one of the strongest contributors to littering is the prevalence of existing litter.”[i] People are less likely to litter in areas that are clean, therefore by regularly cleaning up your spot you will be helping to reduce future littering.

Click to download a copy of this page to share with friends and family: Download PDF.

Adopt-a-Spot Program:

  • Select a spot (or spots)!  Tell your friends, share on social media, get the word out that you are committed to keeping Loudoun beautiful.
  • Individuals or shared households are expected to commit to the regular clean-up of their chosen spot through 2020.
  • Take appropriate measures to contain, store, and dispose of all litter and debris collected during litter removal.
  • Spread the word about your good deed:  After a clean-up activity, take a picture of the litter collected and/or before and after pictures of the spot and post them to Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), tag Keep Loudoun Beautiful, and add hashtag: #KLBAdoptASpot  Alternatively, email your results to KLB will retweet, share, and highlight selected spots and volunteers that are making a difference in our community.

Adopt-a-Spot Tips:

  • Set dates for your clean ups and put on your calendar (at least once a month).
  • Use plastic grocery bags.
  • Sort recyclable materials and deposit in your home recycling bins if available.

All volunteers are expected to practice all safety recommendations: wear gloves, maintain safe social distancing, and do not touch or pick up any potentially hazardous materials.  If hazardous materials are found, please contact Loudoun County Waste Management. Safety is a paramount concern.

If you need gloves or trash bags, please contact us at

Once COVID-19 concerns dissipate, KLB plans to organize a community-wide clean up event, but until then,let’s all do our part to keep our county clean and beautiful.  Thank you for making a difference!