Potomac Wayside clean up

March 28, 2021 12:30 pm


Clean Up At Potomac Wayside. 12:30 till we quit!
The goal is to get as much garbage out of the park as possible. We will start with the area below the parking lot and collect in each direction between US 340 and the Potomac. Including the banks and the shallows. This is a Loudoun Co. Va. collection so we will keep between HFAC Property and the VA/WV line. If we get the park area cleaned and still have time and volunteers willing, We will pick up roadside on both sides of US 340. Up stream some on Piney Creek and the roadside up Harpers Ferry Rd. In order it to be hauled out we have to consolidate the trash on public property roadside with easy safe access. Main point will be near the top of hernia hill trail and the other to be where the shoulder gets wide right at the Va/Wv. Anywhere else it will not get hauled out.
What is needed: Volunteers, Heavy Duty Contractor Garbage Bags, High Visibility Vest for Roadside.
As most are aware there is little Parking @ Wayside, River & Trail and the Guide House Grill have both offered parking at their Knoxville addresses. River & Trail has offered shuttle also. Mask required. If parking at the Grill make sure its on the other side of the fence from the restaurant, get some carry out it’s Very Good. Please park at either of these locations after offering to shuttle people to Wayside. Riders please wear a mask and lower windows for the short ride. Drivers if you feel uncomfortable with passengers, no pressure to drive anyone. Be Polite.
Public Event, All Ages as long as you supervise your children. This event is a collection of neighbors, paddlers, and other concerned persons. Attendance and help/participate at your own risk there is no pressure to do anything or to be put on anyone to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.
Please Share. We can use lots of hands!!!
Thank you to Keep Loudoun Beautiful, for making the hauling off of the trash possible!
River & Trail and the Guide House Grill for providing assistance and parking for the day.
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