2016 Litter Cleanup Results:
246 bags of recycling
615 bags of trash
163 tires
779 Volunteers
2,217 hours
Area Leader Tips

An Area Leader's role is to assist Keep Loudoun Beautiful during the month
of April, and really throughout the year, to coordinate cleanup of the locations
for which they have responsibility. They also monitor the roads through out
the year, and report any extremely littered areas and illegal dumps. Area
Leaders are always needed, to volunteer, please email us at Being a KLB Area Leader is a great way to
get involved in your community and keep your neighborhood streets and
open spaces free of litter.
KLB Hotline:

1. The large orange trash bags are distributed at Loudoun County
community centers. Please avoid using household trash bags. The orange
bags are much stronger and also help VDOT to recognize official cleanup
trash versus personal household trash. The bright fluorescent orange bags,
also provide you with a little extra measure of safety as they are more visible
to passing motorists.  Blue recycling bags are distributed at the KLB
luncheon and are otherwise available though the Area Leader Coordinator.

2. Leave the bags along the roadside in small piles. Don't use driveways or
private property. Do place the bags well back from the payment or road
surface. Try and avoid large piles, as it could encourage unauthorized
additions and dumping. Small, scattered piles along the road are preferred
by VDOT. VDOT does not pickup on Monday. If bags have not been picked up
by 6PM Thursday, please call the KLB Hotline.  
Note that VDOT will sadly
not recycle anything, so please take recycling to the nearest recycling
center or recycle curbside at your residence.

3. VDOT has agreed to pick up individual heavy items such as bed springs,
appliances, tires with rims, etc., if they are located near the road and are not
part of a dump site. Please do not attempt to move heavy items yourself.
Heavy items need to be identified in your Sunday call-in. Tag the item with an
orange bag or leave filled orange bags next to the item.

4. KLB's procedure for landfill usage has changed. We have been issued
plastic account cards which we will loan out on an as needed basis. The
cards must be carefully guarded and returned to a member of the Board. To
use the landfill card please call the KLB hotline. The Loudoun County
Sanitary Landfill address is 20939 Evergreen Mills Road and hours of
operation is Tuesday thru Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm From Leesburg,
follow Route 15 South past the Leesburg bypass, make left at traffic light
about a quarter mile south onto Evergreen Mills Road. Follow Evergreen
Mills Road Approximately 4 miles. The landfill will be on your right - look for
blue "sanitary landfill" signs.

5. Drive your area and take note of illegal dumps, extremely littered areas
and abandoned and/or inoperable cars that might need special attention.
Please try to eliminate all dumps on public property in your area with the use
of your available manpower. Report to
KLB Hotline those dump areas that
your area members can not handle. Also report any abandoned or
inoperable vehicles in your area whether on the roadside, in a field, or on
personal property.

6. Take pictures, before, during and after, if you can. Some Area Leaders
have in the past sent these in with the Area Leader Reports and they can be
useful for publicity.

7. To obtain volunteer help, contact local Boy, Cub or Girl Scouts, civic, or
church groups in your area. Regional leaders for the Scouts are listed on the
Area Leader page of this website. Post flyers in public places, such as
grocery stores, post office, neighbors paper boxes, etc.

8. Call the current adopt-a-highway volunteers in your area. Encourage them
to participate in April and include their numbers in your report.

9. Email your weekly roadside pickup report every Sunday to, using the following format:

  • Give your name and Area.
  • Give the route number of the "collected" road where the bags etc.
    have been left in small piles. Please use only route numbers unless
    you are in a suburban neighborhood where only road names are
  • Give the Route numbers of the nearest intersecting roads (or the
    name of a town) on either side of the "collected" road section.
  • Give the total number of bags, number of tires and list any other
    unusual or large items you may have collected for each location
    where bags have been left.
  • Use area maps to keep track of which roads in your area have been
    covered and which roads need attention.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to complete the Area Leader Report Form at the
end of April and mail or fax it in to the Spring Cleanup chair listed on the
bottom of the form. Please summarize all your pickup call-ins plus all your
helpers’ reports. You can access a printable version of the Area Leader
Report Form by clicking on the link above.

The statistics provided in the reports are important to KLB when we apply for
grants. They are also used for media publicity and to distribute financial
awards to organized groups who are participating. It would be helpful to KLB
if you would hand in your area map (a copy will do) with your name, phone
number, and comments regarding illegal dumps and abandoned and/or
dead cars if you found any.

11. Where to get the Orange Highway Litter Bags

Bluemont Community Center
33846 Snickersville Turnpike
Bluemont, Virginia 20135
Phone - 703-554-8543

Claude Moore/Vestals Gap
21544 Old Vestals Gap Rd.
Sterling, VA  20164

Claude Moore/Recreation Center
46105 Loudoun Park Ln
Sterling, VA  20164

Dulles South Multipurpose Center
24950 Riding Center Dr.
South Riding

Douglass Community Center
407 E. Market Street
Leesburg, Virginia 20176
Phone - 703-771-5913

Loudoun Valley Community Center
320 W. School Street
Purcellville, Virginia 20132
Phone – 540-338-4122

Lovettsville Community Center
57 East Broadway Street
P.O. Box 369
Lovettsville Virginia 20180
Phone - 703-771-5913

Lucketts Community Center
42361 Lucketts Road
Leesburg, Virginia 20176
Phone - 703-771-5281

Middleburg Community Center
300 W. Washington Street
Middleburg, Virginia 20118
Phone - 540-687-6375

Philomont Community Center
36592 Jeb Stewart Road
Philomont, Virginia 20131
Phone - 540-338-5882

Sterling Community Center
120 Enterprise Street
Sterling, Virginia 20164
Phone - 703-430-9480
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