Dedicated KLB volunteers gather
to clean up Loudoun County waterways.
At each event, we pick up and bag trash,
including, tires, bottles, cans, and other
general refuse.

Two Classic Watershed Cleanups Scheduled for 2017!

The Goose Creek cleanup has been cancelled since both the original date
(May 6) and the backup date (May 13) are washouts due to current and
forecasted heavy rains
:  9am to around 3 pm, we’ll clean up the banks and
shallows of a section of Loudoun County’s scenic Goose Creek and
tributaries. Registration opens April 1, so reserve your seat before they're
gone.  The backup date is May 13 in case of weather challenges.

Stay tuned for a replacement cleanup for Goose Creek sometime in June if all
the logistics get worked-out.

August 12: Mission accomplished!  Check-out the event recap here and
see you next time!

Event Description:
9am to around 3 pm, we’ll clean up a particularly litter-filled (lots of tires)
northern stretch of the Potomac River watershed that really needs our
attention.  Registration opens June 19, so reserve your seat before they're

Canoes, river rafts, life jackets, paddles, and professional river guides from
River & Trail Outfitters,
www.rivertrail.com will be provided at no cost to
. Each event ends with free refreshments and special KLB
commemorative T-shirts for all.

For each canoeing and rafting event, KLB will transport participants upstream
to where we will have a safety and orientation talk, and receive our life jackets,
canoes, rafts, and refuse bags. We guarantee you'll have fun while you clean
up the Loudoun County waterways.

All participants need to complete, sign, and return
registration forms and  
liability waivers to take part in the canoeing and rafting events. NO
EXCEPTIONS.  Click on the two links to download these forms. For more
information contact us at:

Must be at least 8 years old. All those under 18 will require signed
permissions from parents or guardians. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Wear clothing and sturdy footwear that
are weather appropriate and can get wet
and dirty. No sandals, open-toed shoes,
or bare feet. Changes of clothing left in
your car are recommended for the end
of all events.

As needed, bring your own drinks in
reusable bottles, snacks, sunscreen,
hats, gloves, and rain gear for use while
afloat. If you bring a camera, cell phone, car keys, or other items needing
protection, bring a waterproof “dry” bag or container.

KLB will bring water and lemonade in coolers, lunch, and all the
cleanup supplies.
Loudoun County's
beauty is not simply
in the eye of the
It's in our hands as