Watershed Cleanup
Event Recaps
Each year, weather-permitting,
dedicated KLB volunteers gather
to clean up Loudoun County waterways.
At each event, we pick up and bag trash,
including, tires, bottles, cans, and other
general refuse.

Although we had to cancel our 2017 Goose Creek cleanup due to weather,
we had a very successful Potomac cleanup on 8/12/2017, so here's the
event recap.

We had a stellar at-capacity  turnout with 72 volunteers, including families and
civic & workplace groups.  In all, we collected 169 tires (8 of them still on
rims), totalling 2.77 tons, 10 bags of co-mingled recycling, 11 bags of trash,
and a trailer full of bulky litter like broken chairs, a traffic barricade, a broken
fishing rod, a kid's pool, and Styrofoam, easily putting us over the 3-ton mark.

KLB is so very proud of all the hard work, ingenuity in loading as many tires as
possible on our canoes, and teamwork demonstrated by our eco-warrior
volunteers.  We couldn't have done this without them.  We salute you and
thank you!

Check-out the wonderful
front-page spread (32 MB) from our good friends at
the Purcellville Gazette, which  helps to raise awareness of our litter epidemic
and those that take the time to do something about it.
Loudoun County's
beauty is not simply
in the eye of the
It's in our hands as
Green Tips