If you have unused footwear taking-up space, our Got Sneakers program is a great way to free-up
some closet space, help those that are
in need of footwear, and raise funds for Keep Loudoun
a true win-win-win.  In addition to feeling good about making a difference, this program
keeps footwear out of the landfill, which benefits everyone.

In addition to collecting footwear at our events, we have many participating locations around Loudoun
and will be providing a list and map soon to make it easy for you to drop-off your unused footwear.

Here is some additional information about the program.

What footwear is acceptable?  GotSneakers accepts all styles of footwear, including new, gently
used, used, and unwearable shoes, sneakers, rubber soccer cleats, rubber baseball cleats
, and
canvas footwear

Who are the beneficiaries?  All footwear is counted and sorted at the GotSneakers headquarters in
Miami, FL, where they are categorized based on size, style, and condition and subsequently packed for
distribution around the world, primarily to micro-enterprises in impoverished countries such as Bolivia,
Chile, El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ukraine.

What happens to unwearable footwear?  Unwearable footwear is usually recycled into new products
such as tracks, playgrounds, and other athletic surfaces.  This is in line with KLB's philosophy of
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to keep valuable stuff out of landfills.

Keep a lookout for our Got Sneaker collection boxes near you and if you have a location to suggest or
would like to become a participating collection location, please let us know.

Thank you!
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Got Sneakers